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Case on the importance of networking and presence on LinkedIn for B2B

LinkedIn, as a powerful tool for B2B marketing and building professional connections, proves its effectiveness through specific case studies. Let's examine a situation where the Power-Up agency used LinkedIn to promote a new affiliate partner network specializing in attracting arbitrageurs and website owners to participate in the program.

Challenges and Difficulties: Specific Product and Limited Target Audience

Power-Up was tasked with promoting a new affiliate partner network specializing in gambling, nutra, beauty industries, and finance. Since the product was niche, and the target audience was limited to an estimated 10,000 people, the agency decided to use LinkedIn as one of the marketing channels.

Tools for Audience Acquisition

To gather potential clients who met specific criteria (positions, industries, geography), Power-Up utilized specialized semi-automated tools for parsing profiles of the potential audience on LinkedIn.

Strategy: Invitations and Networking

Using a real manager's profile from the company on LinkedIn, the agency employed automatic connection requests. The first step involved sending connection requests to potential clients with a short accompanying message. Within 24 hours, they received an email with an offer to receive more information about the affiliate program or arrange an online meeting.


Test Period: 2 weeks

This strategy delivered impressive results within the first 2 weeks:

  • Gathered a database of over 2000 potential partners/clients.

  • Sent 925 connection requests.

  • Received 314 accepted connection requests.

  • Received 152 responses to emails.

  • 96 users expressed interest in the platform and engaged with the manager.

  • Over 40 registrations for online meetings and the platform.

  • There are still 56 potential clients in progress, with approximately 250 people yet to be reached on LinkedIn.

This successful case underscores that with a well-crafted strategy and effective use of LinkedIn, significant results can be achieved even without advertising tools, especially when the audience is limited, and the product is niche.

Networking and the active presence of company experts on LinkedIn have powerful potential for business development, building trust, and brand recognition in the B2B segment.


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